Orchid is a beautiful young doe who was born on the ranch on March 1, 2019. Her dam (aka Mom), Flower, was our long-standing herd queen and one of our largest, highest-producing does until she retired in 2022. Although Flower has retired, her daughters Orchid and Dahlia still remain in the herd to carry on their mom’s lineage with daughters of their own.

As you may have guessed from the names of all these ladies, they are part of the flower line of does on the ranch. This has been a long prized lineage on the ranch, as Flower’s mother, Clementine, was the dam of some of our healthiest and highest-producing milkers. Clementine is also the dam of our prized buck, Steve, who is Flower’s full brother and the father of more than half of our best milkers.

Orchid the goat

Like her mother, aunts, and sisters before her, Orchid is also an excellent milk producer. In 2022, her average production was just under 1.5 gallons/day and we are excited to see what 2023 brings for this young doe.

This year, Orchid had 4 babies on her 4th birthday - 2 boys and 2 girls! We are planning on adding one of her darling daughters to our milking line so that we can keep our cherished Flower lineage going for many years to come! 

Orchid with her 4 babies, 2023

(Orchid with all four of her 2023 kids)

In addition to being an excellent milker, Orchid is a wonderful doe to have in the herd due to her docility and calm demeanor. Unlike her mom, Orchid has never taken up the mantel of herd queen but is instead content to be rather low in the herd hierarchy.

She seems to prefer to wait for the other does to be first to milk, eat, or get scratches from the humans while she patiently waits for her turn. Though she is a friendly doe who loves being pet, she sometimes avoids notice on the tours because of this deferment to the other does, so if you come out on a tour make sure to seek this little lady out so she gets her fair share of love!

Orchid laying in the hay

Orchid is one of the 10 goats available for symbolic adoption through our Sponsor a Goat program too! As Orchid's sponsor, you get a photo and bio to learn more about her, behind-the-scenes and exclusive emails about our sponsored goats, herd happenings and other fun farm things. Sponsors also get special discounts on tours so you can meet Orchid and snuggle her in person. All sponsorship dollars go directly to the care and wellbeing of the herd so you can trust that Orchid and her herd-mates are living the good life. 

Orchid the goat

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