Toast doesn't have to be dry or boring, friends. Below are two amazingly-delicious ways to elevate your toast game with Stepladder cheeses, of course!

Elote-ish Avocado Toast with Spicy Fromage Blanc

Mahealani Sablan, lives in Los Angeles and regularly visits the Hollywood farmer's market on Sundays. She's bringing (sexy) toast back with this recipe featuring Spicy Fromage Blanc and persimmon jam. 

Luckily, this recipe is packed with flavor and minimal ingredients. All you need are a few slices of your favorite bread (toasted, of course), a container of Spicy Fromage Blanc cheese, jam or marmalade (persimmon or orange) and pepitas/pumpkin seeds to sprinkle on top. 

"When I tried the Spicy Fromage Blanc my brain immediately saw it on toast. I walked past a couple of other vendors and picked up persimmon jam and I know something yummy was coming!"

Avocado toast

Spicy Fromage Blanc is one of four flavors in our Fromage Blanc family. Fromage Blanc is a cow's milk soft cheese, used almost like cream cheese. It's a staple of the French diet and has a tangy lactic flavor from the cow's milk without the goaty twang of it's cousin, our farmstead goat's milk Chèvre. Spicy Fromage Blanc features a blend of spices from Oaktown Spice Shop including chili paste and Sambal Oelek. The spice is balanced nicely by the fresh, creamy flavor of the cheese. 

In addition to Spicy, Fromage Blanc comes in Marinated, Original and Everything Bagel Seasoning flavors. All of our Fromage Blanc cheeses are available online and at select farmer's market locations in California. 

"Can't wait to make this again, it was an incredibly flavorful sweet and spicy experience. Definitely recommend!" 

Spicy Fromage Blanc

Balsamic Fried Eggs on Toast with Chèvre

Ellie Trebino lives, cooks and eats her way through San Fransisco. Her Instagram is full of delicious looking dishes, including toast!

She also regularly visits her local farmer's market to stock up on seasonal goodies - lately she's been getting a fresh supply of sourdough bread and farmstead goat's milk Chèvre. Her latest creation consists of sourdough from Saltwater Bakeshop, Stepladder Creamery Chèvre, fried eggs, balsamic glaze and some basil ribbons - YUM!

Chèvre on toast

Chèvre is our seasonal goat's milk soft cheese, only available through the Fall. Stock up on this soft, spreadable and mildly goaty cheese at farmer's markets in the Bay Area, Central Coast, San Deigo and Los Angeles areas. You can also order online with shipping nationwide.

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