Your Next Best Friend Awaits

Want to own a gentle, friendly and amazing milking goat? Look no further!

Occasionally, we have members of our herd of adult LaMancha dairy goats available for sale. Below are details about goats currently available.

After birthing season, we have lots and lots of baby goats (aka kids) available for sale as well. Want to reserve a baby doeling or buck? See below for additional details on our 2024 waitlist and on any 2023 kids we may have available!

Adult Does

Although we would love to keep each and every one of our beloved does forever, we do occasionally find ourselves in a position to sell a milking doe to a wonderful forever home. We have an extremely healthy closed herd free of CL, CAE, or Johne's. All of our goats are bottle-raised and are some of the friendliest goats you can find who are extremely well-trained for the milk stand.

We are currently in the process of ending our milking season, which is generally when we have does available. See below for details on any does who might be available now or email us today if you want us to reserve a doe for you!

5 Year Old Doe; Bred & In Milk


Wanda was born on the ranch on 03/03/2019 and has been a part of our milking herd for the past 4 years. She is very well trained to the milking stand and is very easy to milk and work with, though she can be pretty sassy with the other does.

She has been bred and is due to kid on 7/8/2024 if her pregnancy takes.

2023 Average Daily Production: 1.15 Gallons/Day

ADGA Registration # L2045490

2 Year Old Doe


Carolina was born on the ranch on 02/28/2021 and has been a part of our milking herd for the past 2 years. She is very friendly and quiet doe with excellent genetics. Carolina is a very well trained milking doe with a great udder for hand-milking.

2023 Average Daily Production: 1.25 Gallons/Day

ADGA Registration # PL2181858

Waitlisting for next year's baby goats now!!

Our kidding season is expected to start up in Mid-March and we are projected to have between 100 and 120 born on the ranch this year! A few of these little ones will be kept for our own herd, but the vast majority will be rehomed to their forever families.

Reach out to us today with some details about what you are looking for and we will add you to our 2024 waitlist for high-quality Lamancha goats with excellent milking genetics!


Do they grow horns?

All of our female baby goats are either disbudded or polled, so will not grow horns. 

We do not disbud the males except by request, so most of our male baby goats will grow horns. However, a few of our little males were born polled due to one of our bucks passing on his polled genetics, so we do have some males available who will not grow horns.

Are they friendly?

All of our baby goats are handled regularly from birth and all are bottle fed on the ranch, so they are extremely friendly. They are all Lamanchas, which is a generally a very docile, quiet, and friendly breed of goat (which is why we chose this breed). They are very used to being held and will follow you just about anywhere!

They are all very healthy and we have a diverse gene pool at the ranch in case you want to start your own small family herd. We have babies in just about every color!

When can we take them home?!

All our baby goats are generally born in March/April and are ready to go home as soon as they are weaned (unless you want to buy a bottle-baby). This means that most babies are ready to go home with you in May!

Occasionally we have some does and young doelings become available as we end our milking season, so make sure to email us today or check back in November for updates on this site!

Become a Symbolic Goat Sponsor

Love the idea of owning a goat but don't have the space or budget? Join our Sponsor a Goat program and symbolically sponsor a goat in our herd.

We offer 2 levels of sponsorship. All proceeds from the program go directly to supporting the herd - everything from food, herbal supplements, medical gear, milking equipment and more. We are committed to giving our herd their absolute best life, and our sponsorship program helps make that possible for our beloved does!