Move over cream cheese, there's a new spread in town!

Did you know New York delis are having a cream cheese shortage? According to our friend Janet Fletcher, there's good news that we have alternatives.

Several other fresh cheeses can fill in for the schmear on your bagel. Our favorite? The classic cow's milk soft cheese, Fromage Blanc.

fromage blanc

This spreadable cheese comes in fresh, spicy, everything bagel and marinated flavors. 

"Used like cream cheese, Fromage Blanc is a staple of the French diet," said Robin Proffitt, Stepladder's head cheesemaker. "It's great for cooking anything that you would use cream cheese, but with a little more continental flavor. Try it in your next omelette, you'll be surprised by the richness it'll add!" 

fromage blanc container

Often referred to as the French answer to yogurt or cream cheese, Fromage Blanc is a cheese made from fresh, soft curds that have been slightly drained of whey. It has the tangy lactic flavor of the cow milk without the goaty twang of our fresh Chèvre.

fromage blanc on toast

Some of our favorite ways to Fromage Blanc is on toast with fresh avocado or tomato slices. A classic bagel and Fromage Blanc can't be beat either! 

Fromage Blanc and it's cousins Spicy, Everything Bagel and Marinated are all available online. Some are featured in our bundles, too. Shop online and leave a comment with some of your favorite recipes and ways to eat Fromage Blanc.  

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