Amaranth is a darling doe who was born on the ranch on March 2, 2019. Like all of the baby goats born on the ranch, Amaranth was hand-fed and is therefore extremely friendly. Amaranth shares the pasture with eight of her half-sisters, all of whom share our buck Steve as their father, though only two (Amaranth and her sister Mary Anne) share his long, wavy hair. 

baby Amaranth

(Amaranth as a baby)


At only 2 years old, she is one of our best milkers in the herd. This year she produced almost 1.5 gallons of milk per day on average! This is especially impressive because goats generally don’t reach their peak milk production until they are between 3 and 4 years old, which means this little lady will produce even more milk next year!

Amaranth in the pasture

Amaranth has quickly become one of our favorite does in the herd (though we try not to play favorites, some just stand out!) due to her docile temperament and quirky personality.

She is an easy-going doe who seems to have a lot of friends in the herd and doesn’t usually pick squabbles with her compatriots. She loves going for walks with her human caretakers, and will generally walk so closely to us that she causes us to trip over our own feet.

She also loves relaxing in the pasture, and seems to especially enjoy using the bedding straw hay bales in the barn as her own personal raised mattress! 

amaranth on pile of hay

Although Amaranth isn’t technically part of our new Sponsor a Goat program, her sister, Mary Anne, is available for symbolic sponsorship!

And, a portion of all the purchases goes toward supporting the overall herd, including our darling Amaranth. Learn more about the Sponsor a Goat program here

amaranth looking at the camera

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