Beer and cheese just go together. So when we were approached by our friends at Firestone Walker Brewing Company for a collaboration for their upcoming Brewmaster's Collective beer club shipment, we were easily convinced. 

The brewery told us more about the Farmstead Collection which would showcase three barrel-aged beers in collaboration with WhistlePig. One of beers used to create two of the collection beers was Firestone's beloved barrel-aged Central Coast quad, Stickee Monkee. We decided to use a few growlers of Stickee Monkee to make an aged cheese for Firestone's club shipment. 


When brainstorming ideas for the cheese, our creamery team decided to go with a similar base cheese as our year-round offering, Paso Vino. Instead of soaking the cow's milk, Spanish-style cheese, we used a few growlers of the barrel-aged beer. After soaking, the cheese wheels were placed in our aging room for six months - Introducing, Stickee Cow.

cheese soaking in beer

Although made in a similar way as Paso Vino, Stickee Cow has a sharper and slight pleasant bitterness due to the hop alpha acids from the beer soak. You might also get subtle hints of hop oils from the concentrated cheese.

stickee cow cheese

“This was a really fun collaboration,” said Jack Rudolph, Stepladder Creamery owner. “We love a good challenge, and it helps that our Head Cheesemaker and Director of Operations both have a background in the beer industry. Our team had a lot of fun getting creative with the cheese and we're very happy with the end result. It’s creamy, delicious and different from our other year-round offerings. Enjoy!”

stickee cow and beer

Stickee Cow is only available in the Farmstead Collection for Brewmaster's Collective beer club members and our Cheese Club members. Join our Cheese Club today to buy a wedge of this one-of-a-kind cheese!

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