Stephanie is a beautiful, mild-mannered doe with distinctive markings that make her stand out in the herd. She was born on the ranch on March 28, 2017. 

Her mom, Wilma, was also born on the ranch, and named by Jack and Michelle to honor one of their mentors, Wilma from Glengarry Fine Cheese in Ontario, California.

Wilma and Stephanie

(Wilma and Stephanie lived in the herd together until Wilma’s retirement in 2021.  Pictured above is Wilma (number 2) with Stephanie behind her.)

Wilma (the human namesake) is the cheesemaker at Glengarry, and together she and the owner Margaret were indispensable allies to Jack and Michelle when first starting the creamery. So when it came time to name goats Jack and Michelle decided to name some of their most beloved youngsters after their mentors. Stephanie follows in this line, and was named after one of the associate cheesemakers from Glengarry.

Stephanie roaming the pasture

Stephanie tends to prefer a limited company of select does and has an exclusive group of besties in the herd. While she is generally docile and prefers not to squabble with her herdmates, she is also no pushover - she is not to be messed with and is definitely high up in the herd hierarchy! Luckily for us she is very docile with humans and easy to milk, but can be a bit illusive and prefers to have human contact on her terms; so long as we allow her to come to us rather than the reverse, she is as friendly as can be!

Stephanie sitting in the pasture

She has many relatives living in the herd and currently shares the pasture with her sister Wanda and daughter Stevie. 

 She was bred to our buck Smooth Criminal in October of 2021 and delivered # of kids on March 4th. Stay tuned for updates on our herd, or sign up to be Stephanie’s sponsor for custom updates and images of her and her offspring as they travel through the year at Stepladder!

Stephanie and her babies

(Stephanie feeds one of her daughters from the 2021 brood.)

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