Passionfruit Margaritas

Passionfruit Margaritas

Mar 02, 2022JACK RUDOLPH

We're very spoiled with so many fruit orchards on the Stepladder Ranch property ranging from oranges and persimmon to passionfruit and guava. Although we don't sell Ranch produce online, they are available at select farmer's markets throughout California. We also have a partnership with Good Eggs which carries our cheeses and fruits depending on location.


Our friend, Alison Glander with Aldente Diaries, is a talented food blogger based in San Fransisco and is a huge fan of our passionfruits. Her recipe for passionfruit margaritas is simple, delicious and easy to make at home.

passionfruit margarita
Photo by Aldente Diaries

We suggest pairing a pitcher of these slightly sweet and tangy margaritas with Grandma Beverly's guacamole recipe (also featuring Stepladder avocados).

A cheeseboard with LumberJack and Cabrillo would also balance nicely with the tangy passionfruit and salty cheese.

Recipe + Ingredients

  • 8oz. tequila
  • 4oz. lime juice
  • 4oz. orange liqueur 
  • 4oz. simple syrup 
  • 8oz. passionfruit juice 
  • Passionfruit pulp for garnish 

Combine ingredients into a pitcher and stir.  Pour over ice in a rimmed glass. Makes 4 margaritas. Enjoy!

Passionfruit photos by Any Lane from Pexels


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