The November 2022 Cheese Club shipment includes a brand-new cheese never made in the Stepladder creamery before! Introducing Marinated Labneh.

As many of you know, our quarterly Cheese Club includes a variety of seasonal and year-round cheeses as well as a special, limited or exclusive offering. Our creamery crew looks forward to Cheese Club planning meetings as this is their opportunity to test the boundaries, get creative and explore new styles of cheesemaking for our cheese-loving club members to try first. 

marinated labneh

"Labneh is something we like to eat when Chèvre is out of season and we're looking for something refreshing that can be created quickly for when we have those unexpected guests," said Ryan Aikens, director of operations at Stepladder Creamery. "Since this type of cheese is a favorite among creamery members, we thought it might be fun to make a limited batch for Cheese Club members, just in time for the holiday season."

 labneh jar

Labneh is Mediterranean style yogurt cheese that dates back over 2000 years. Labneh is light, refreshing and a versatile cheese. Our's is a fresh cow's milk yogurt strained to the consistency of a soft spreadable cheese and lightly salted to accentuate that tart zip a fresh yogurt has. To keep with that refreshing aspect throughout our rendition of Labneh we are using a locally sourced olive oil aged on lemon zest, a pinch of black pepper and a Persian lime curry is added to the oil for a bit of spiciness and then the Labneh balls are lightly rolled in Za'atar (Hand-mixed from: sumac, toasted sesame seeds, thyme, sea salt, oregano, savory, marjoram and ajwain seed) to add a tart nutty flavor to go with that fresh acidic flavor of the Labneh.

November cheese club shipment

Also included in the November 2022 shipment are Big Sur, Paso Vino and Cabrillo.

Join the Cheese Club today to get this amazing shipment. Order cut off is Thursday, Oct. 27 with the shipment being shipped on Monday, Nov. 7. 

How to eat Marinated Labneh? Here are a few suggestions:
Salads, Falafel, Gyros, Lamb, Pita, Curry Chicken or small dabs on a baby arugula salad with kalamata olives tossed in the from the jar with pickled beets on the side.

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