Grilled Ragged Point, Apple & Walnut Sandwich Recipe

Grilled Ragged Point, Apple & Walnut Sandwich Recipe

May 19, 2021JACK RUDOLPH

Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner which means summer is officially here!

Whether you're planning to barbecue with family, hang by the pool or not leave your couch, make sure you have a healthy supply of Stepladder cheese for your long weekend plans.

One of our favorite fresh and flavorful recipes for summer is a grilled Ragged Point, apple and walnut sandwich. Enjoy the recipe below, and click here to buy Ragged Point online.

Ragged Point triple creme cheese

Ragged Point is a small format bloomy rind triple crème cow’s milk cheese named for the gateway to Big Sur just North of our farmstead. The paste stays firm as the cheese matures, and does not become overly soft. As Ragged Point ages past four weeks, it takes on a peppery character and a distinct cream line underneath the rind forms.

The creamy flavors of the cheese mixed with the fresh apple and walnut crunch are delicious in this melty sandwich!



Yield: 2 Sandwiches

  • 1 Stepladder Creamery Ragged Point cheese (rind and all!)
  • 4 slices artisan bread, any variety
  • 1 tbsp butter, softened
  • 1 small apple, diced (we suggest Honey Crisp or Golden Delicious)
  • 2 oz. glazed walnuts, chopped (~½ cup)
  • 2 Tbsp honey, preferably Stepladder Ranch Avocado Blossom Honey

Fresh bread for sandwich making


  1. Cut the Ragged Point in half through the middle, into two half-moon pieces, then cut each half into 4 thin half-moon slices
  2. Butter each slice of bread and lay two with butter side down
  3. Top each of the two bread slices with 4 slices of Ragged Point
  4. Evenly distribute diced apples and chopped glazed walnuts over Ragged Point and press lightly into cheese
  5. Drizzle honey on top of apples and walnuts and top each sandwich with second slice of bread, buttered side up
  6. Place on skillet, cover, and grill until golden brown
  7. Carefully flip sandwiches and continue to grill, uncovered until the second side is golden brown

Ragged Point cheese

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