Lavender is one of our youngest milking does on the ranch and just entered into her first year of milking! She was born last year on March 1, 2020 to our doe Cardamom, which makes her part of our “spice girls” line (think Clove, Turmeric, Allspice rather than Sporty, Scary, Posh - the food, not the pop group).

Curious goat peeking through fence

(Curious Lavender peeking through the fence to say hello)


Baby goat

(Lavender at just 3 days old!)

She is a beautiful and unique little lady with a color that oddly matches her name. She is the only doe in the herd to have a lavender grey coloration that makes her stand out amidst the crowd of brown, black and white does that she shares her pasture with.

Lavender walking through the pasture

When she was just three months old she managed to break her leg while playing with her buddies in the pasture, so she was given a lot of extra care and attention while being doctored and having her splint changed regularly.

This has given her an extra dose of friendliness and affection for her human caretakers, and now she is a very quiet, mild mannered little doe who loves to hang around with us whenever she finds us in the pasture.

Curious goat

Lavender was just added into our exclusive group of milking does after delivering her first kid on March 31, 2021! She was very quick to learn the ins and outs of milking alongside all the older, more experienced does and is now a valuable part of the milking herd.

Luckily for us, this pretty little lady will continue to brighten up her caretakers days for many years to come!

Lavender's baby boy

(Lavender's son - can you see the family resemblance?)


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