Almond was one of the three OGs (Original Goats) that Jack Rudolph purchased when he first moved to the ranch and decided to get a few pet goats. This was even before he met his wife Michelle a year later. Therefore, Almond was one of the charming creatures that taught Jack and Michelle just how special goats are - a realization that led them to found the creamery together!

Almond the goat with Lily the herding dog

Almond passed away peacefully in her sleep on August 17, 2023. Almond was born on March 23, 2010, so she was the oldest goat on the ranch at 13 years old.

She was also a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, etc. to dozens of the does that we currently own as our beloved milking does.

She was even grandmother to Steve, one of the bucks that we kept on “staff” for breeding season.

Almond with grass on her head

While this paragon of goat motherhood at Stepladder Creamery has passed, her vast family tree of milking does carry on her legacy and lineage with their own daughters and sons.

Almond and her goat family

(Almond [left] in the pasture with daughter Hazel [front], granddaughter Flower [rear right], and great-granddaughters Muesli [rear center] and Kashi [rear left])

As the one retired doe in the herd, Almond enjoyed long naps in the sun, scratches from her doting handlers, and daily escapades into the verdant pastures that cover the hillsides. Each morning while the other does were getting milked, Almond quietly stood aside and waited patiently for her human caretakers to give her her customary and well-earned bucket of grain.

While on a practical level this helped her maintain her weight and health, on an emotional level we loved and appreciated Almond and got joy from spoiling her!

We will miss Almond but know she's at peace and can see her legacy in the other goats in the herd. We miss you, Almond!

Almond napping

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