Cheese Club May 2024!

This spring, prepare for a fun-filled shipment that promises to delight your taste buds! Here is this springs cheese club line up! We are thrilled to give our members the very exclusive and sumptuous Goat Cheddar Reserve. Embrace the freshness of the season with our Springtime Chèvre, as light and refreshing as a sunny day. First to the season Big Sur, made with our goats' lush spring time milk. And, of course, no spring celebration would be complete without our award-winning Paso Vino, a cheese that's as exquisite as a finely aged wine.

Chèvre: A Spring Time Pleasure

Chèvre is crafted from the freshest goat's milk, sourced directly from our own milking parlor. From the utter to the container, it takes less than one week! This ensures that the cheese you get is exceptionally fresh. Its soft, white appearance and creamy texture are indicators of its premium quality and the careful, loving process behind its creation.


  • Silver at the 2023 California State Fair cheese competition

Big Sur: A Coastal Delight

Big Sur, a small format bloomy rind cheese, is a tribute to the breathtaking coastline near where our journey began. This ash-coated, triple crème delight blends the best of goat's and cow's milk to create a cheese as memorable as the landscape it's named after. Its smooth, lactic paste remains firm as it matures, offering a creamy texture paired with tangy, lactic, and earthy undertones—a true reflection of the natural splendor of Big Sur.

Paso Vino: Where Wine Meets Cheese

Paso Vino is a testament to our collaborative spirit, developed in partnership with a local winery. This Spanish-style cow's milk cheese, soaked in a Syrah specifically crafted for cheesemaking, epitomizes the harmonious blend of wine and cheese. It's hard texture and nutty flavor profile make it an ideal companion for bold red wines, offering a tasting experience that's both unique and unforgettable.


  • Gold at the 2024 California State Fair cheese competition

Cheese Club Exclusive: Clothbound Goat Cheddar Reserve

Crafted in the traditional English cheddar style with 100% farmstead goat's milk, our Clothbound Goat Cheddar Reserve stands out for its tart acidity and herbaceous notes. The process of milling and salting the curds, followed by aging in muslin, results in a cheese that's rich in sweet milk aroma and pairs wonderfully with dry cider, hoppy beers, and acidic white wines.


  • First place in the Farmstead Goat's Milk category at the 2022 American Cheese Society awards

Our cheeses are more than just food; they are stories of passion, tradition, and the landscapes that inspire us. We hope you enjoy this quarters cheese club shipment! 

Specialty Artisan Pairing: Caramels and Crackers

Our artisan pairings this time include handmade caramels by Queens Bee Caramels from Atascadero, California. These caramels are crafted by hand in small batches, making each one special. Along with the caramels, we'll also send some tasty crackers from Rustic Bakery. These pairings are perfect for enjoying with our selection of cheeses. Get ready for some delightful flavors in this shipment!

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