In honor of National Salami Day, we wanted to pay tribute to the viral sensation among cheeseboard enthusiasts on social media, the salami rose.

There are other designs to add a next-level visual element to your cheeseboard, but we are a fan of the simple yet beautiful salami rose. When placed next to an assortment of cheeses, fruits and nuts, it makes any board look that much more elaborate and detailed. People think because of the many layers that they are hard to make, but the insider secret is these salami roses are super simple, even your kiddos will have fun making them. 

In addition to your other cheeseboard goodies, all you need to create the roses are your favorite salami or other cured meats and a wine glass. 

salami rose prep

We suggest adding 1-2 salami roses per cheeseboard plus additional meats. Pepperoni is a good option for rose shapes too. 

To start, open your bag or package of salami and start by folding individual slices of salami as your base layer over the wine glass rim. Sometimes it easier to start at the top of the glass and work your way clockwise. 

building salami rose

After your base layer is complete (about 5-6 slices of salami), continue adding multiple layers of salami. The goal is to not have any gaps. You can also play around with the placement of the salami on the rim or other layers. There is no right or wrong when it comes to building salami roses. The more layers of salami you add the more detailed the "pedals" will look on your rose. We do suggest adding at least 5 layers of salami because if you add too few layers its harder to keep the shape on the cheeseboard without support. 

building salami rose with wine glass

Once you have 6+ layers of salami on the wine glass (about 30-40 slices or more), simply turn over the wine glass while holding the bottom of the rose in your hand. Gently place the salami rose on your board surrounded by cheese, fruits, crackers and nuts.

final salami rose

The more condensed your board with items to tighter the rose will stay. Overtime and as people eat the "pedals" it will loosen and lose it's shape so make sure to snap your photos before your guests dive in!

salami rose and cheese

Some of our favorite Stepladder cheeses to pair with salami are Cabrillo Reserve (an aged version of our goat's and cow's milk Spanish style cheese) and Paso Vino (a red wine soaked cow's milk cheese). 

salami rose and cheese

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  • Julie said:

    So cool and so pretty. I will try this. Much thanks!

    September 13, 2022

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