Behind-the-Scenes: Making Cabrillo Reserve

Behind-the-Scenes: Making Cabrillo Reserve

Jan 18, 2022JACK RUDOLPH

Cabrillo Reserve is back for an extended time!

Cabrillo Reserve was the special-release cheese featured in the August 2021 Cheese Club shipment. We took our classic Spanish-style goat's and cow's milk blended Cabrillo and aged it for at least one year in our aging caves. That's 3x older than our year-round Cabrillo cheese offering!

cabrillo reserve

The extended aging process concentrates the intensity of the blend of goat and cow milk and cultures into bigger, bolder flavors and the cheese turns a beautiful golden color full of delicious tyrosine crystals. These are the small crunchy cheese diamonds you find inside of long-aged cheeses. The formation of these crystals is believed to be linked to the activity of the culture Lactobacillus helveticus, one of the cultures we add to this recipe. It works to break down protein chains into free amino acids, tyrosine being one of them.

We're excited to announce Cabrillo Reserve is now available for online purchases and available at California farmer's markets. Order while it lasts!

cutting cheese wheel

Compare Cabrillo Reserve next to our year-round Cabrillo - can you taste the difference the aging process adds to the flavor? Consider buying a Medium or Large Cheese Bundle and adding on the Cabrillo Reserve. Then, you'll have a healthy assortment of cheese for the rest of the month!

inside the cheese cave

And if you aren't part of our Quarterly Cheese Club yet you should join! This is the only way to guarantee access to limited-release and exclusive cheese offerings. Normally, cheeses like Cabrillo Reserve are only available to Club members, but we made a larger allocation to share with our supporters and make available at farmer's markets.

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