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5 Reasons Why Stepladder Creamery Cheese is the Ultimate Choice for Cheese Lovers

Discover the Unique Taste of Artisanal Perfection

Experience the rich flavors and exceptional quality of Stepladder Creamery cheese. Crafted with passion on our historic farm in Cambria, California, our cheeses are more than just food—they’re a celebration of tradition, sustainability, and culinary excellence. Here are five compelling reasons why Stepladder Creamery cheese should be at the top of your list.

“Mouthwatering Cheese”

"The finest goat milk cheeses"

1. Handcrafted Quality

People Working with Incredible Ingredients, Doing Things the Right Way.

At the core of our cheesemaking are two essentials: premium ingredients and a meticulous process. We noticed that everytime we made the goats happier, the cheese came out more flavorful. So we made it our mission to make our animals the happiest and carefully pick every single ingredient in the cheese.

Leveraging traditional methods with innovative tweaks, our small batch production allows precise control over every aspect of cheesemaking. This meticulous attention enables us to experiment with distinctive recipes, techniques, and aging processes, crafting unique and complex flavors. We stand firm in our natural practices, removing additives and using low-temperature pasteurization to preserve the natural health benefits and authentic tastes of our cheese.

Person bottle-feeding a baby goat while sitting on a wooden swing.
Aerial view of a farm with solar panels and red barns surrounded by trees.

2. Sustainably Produced

Good for the Planet, Good for You

Being a sustainable ranch and creamery is non-negotiable for us. We love where we live and work, and want to keep it just as beautiful as when we got here.

In addition to environmental sustainability, there's a human element of sustainability that's crucial. So we try our best to treat all of our employees with the most respect, give them some level of flexibility which is non-existent in farm work, and also pay them beyond a living wage.

"One aspect of sustainability that’s really important to us is the sustainability of the business for our staff. We try to employ people that are smarter than us and are better at what they do.". - Jack and Michelle

How do we stay sustainable?


A 50KW solar array on the farm produces roughly 90 percent of the energy we use

Water Catchments

We rely on spring water and a large rain catchment refreshed by the annual rain as our main source

Circular Waste-Reduction

We utilize the manure from the goats to fertilize our orchards, and free-roaming Stepladder piggies receive the spent whey from the creamery and get to eat any unsellable harvested fruit and veg.

3. Happy Animals, Superior Milk

The Secret to Our Exceptional Cheese

We noticed that everytime we made the goats happier, the cheese came out more flavorful.

Our goats enjoy the finest living conditions imaginable in the scenic wine country of Cambria, CA. They thrive on a historic 150-year-old ranch, grazing freely over five lush acres amid 200+ varieties of subtropical fruits and citrus, and breathing the fresh Pacific air.

We form deep emotional connections with each goat, naming them and assisting in their births. We even have a dedicated herbalist for our animals. Our care extends to taking them on hikes and singing to them during milking. This ensures our animals are not just happy, but also healthy and thriving.

People walking with a herd of goats on a sunny green hillside.
An assortment of cheeses on a wooden board.

4. Award-Winning Flavors

Recognized Excellence in Every Bite

Stepladder Creamery’s cheeses are not only loved by our customers but also recognized by the experts. Our products have won numerous awards, including accolades from the American Cheese Society. Enjoy the same artisanal cheese served in Michelin-starred restaurants and delight your palate with flavors that are celebrated by top chefs and food critics alike.

5. A True Farm-to-Table Experience

From Our Farm to Your Table

Stepladder Creamery isn't simply another cheese company—it represents the heartfelt journey of Jack and Michelle Rudolph, who took a huge risk to transition from careers in tech and event planning to pursue a love of cheesemaking that began in the confines of Jack’s apartment.

Their shared enthusiasm for cheesemaking and sustainable agriculture has revitalized Jack's grandfather's 150-year-old historic ranch, turning it into a stronghold for handcrafted quality and environmentally responsible farming.

Jack and Michelle stand for embracing a narrative of love, commitment, and innovation. By treating their goats like family and enhancing the land through increased biodiversity, Jack and Michelle invite you to join a movement where artisanal craftmanship prevails.

More than just cheesemakers, the Rudolphs are profoundly committed to the well-being of their team, their animals, and the support of similar small businesses and makers. Each piece of Stepladder cheese embodies the Rudolphs' unwavering dedication to perfecting their craft.

Two farmers standing by a red metal gate with goats.

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Embark on a quarterly culinary expedition with our unique Stepladder Creamery Cheese Club. Every three months, our expert cheese selectors become your personal guides, curating 1.5 pounds of extraordinary farmstead goat's and cow's milk cheeses in 4 delectable flavors, including one limited edition club-exclusive variety and Curated Pairings like Stepladder Honey, artisanal jams and salamis.

1.5 Pounds of Small Batch Artisan Cheese

Curated Pairings like Stepladder Honey, Artisanal Jams and Salamis

Cheese Club Exclusive Cheeses

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Stepladder Cheese Club

Here’s what’s included in your Cheese Club Subscription:

  • 1.5 Pounds of cheese in 4 flavors

  • 1 Cheese Club exclusive cheese

  • Quarter pound of artisan crackers from Rustic Bakery

  • $25 off Stepladder Creamery Tour (up to 20 people for a $500 savings)

  • A pairing item. Previous shipments have featured our famous Avocado Blossom Honey, cured meat and marmalade.

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Our passion for cheese is matched only by our promise to you: love it or get a full refund. Nine years of happy customers and Michelin Star restaurants can't be wrong.

What You Get...

1.5 Pounds of Cheese in 4 Flavors - Every 3 Months

Our expert cheesemakers become your personal guides, curating 1.5 pounds of extraordinary farmstead cheeses in 4 flavors, including one club-exclusive variety.

Specialty Artisan Pairing & Rustic Bakery Crackers

Each shipment is complemented with specially chosen pairings—think artisanal Stepladder honey, local jam, premium salami, and Rustic Bakery Crackers.

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Delight in an exclusive $25 discount person on your Creamery Tour, welcoming up to 20 guests to share in the experience.

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1 Cheese Club

5 Exclusive Benefits

Every Membership = 1 Exclusive Cheese

In each of these special deliveries, you'll discover a cheese marvel available only to our members. Imagine indulging in exclusive past Cheese Club ONLY creations like triple crème cheeses adorned with fresh truffle, clothbound goat cheddar, and cherry-smoked jack, direct from the depths of our cheese caves. Our dedicated creamery team takes pride in crafting these novel delights, occasionally reviving the most beloved as seasonal treasures.

PICTURED HERE - The February 2024 shipment featured a new version of Burning Love, Cabrillo, Marinated Fromage Blanc and LumberJack. This version of Burning Love is a large-format cow's milk triple crème dusted with a blend of Hungarian Sweet Paprika, Sweet Calabrian Chili Powder and Pasilla Negro Chili Powder.

How it Works

The Stepladder Cheese Club box is incredibly easy to buy and use. All you have to do is order it online and it will arrive at your doorstep.


Join The Club

Join our Quarterly Cheese Club and embark on a seasonal journey of exquisite flavors. Discover unique, small-batch cheeses, crafted exclusively for members like you. We will follow up via email with all the important information and a link to your control your subscription.


Receive Your Box

Expect your package to land on your doorstep, fresh and chilled, within 1-2 days. We dispatch our parcels on the first Monday of February, May, August, and November. And for our members in select West Coast States, we're delighted to offer complimentary shipping. All other states we offer discounted $25 2-day shipping.


Savor With Friends

Enhance your culinary expertise and deepen friendships as you relish our artisan, small-batch cheeses and exclusive member-only selections. Each box is an opportunity to explore and celebrate the world's finest cheeses together.

Past Cheese Club Exclusives

Burning Love

Burning Love is a large-format cow's milk triple crème dusted with a blend of Hungarian Sweet Paprika, Sweet Calabrian Chili Powder and Pasilla Negro Chili Powder.

Super Bloom

Super Bloom is a large format cow's milk bloomy rind triple crème molded in the shape of a heart with the addition of rose, cornflower and marigold petals.


Gorda is a funky flavored, semi-soft goat's milk and cow's milk cheese.

Cabrillo Grande Reserve

Cabrillo Grande Reserve is the extra-aged version of our year-round, top-selling cheese, Cabrillo, aging for over 2 years.


Labneh is Mediterranean style yogurt cheese that dates back over 2,000 years. It's a light, refreshing and a versatile cheese. It's is a fresh cow's milk yogurt strained to the consistency of a soft spreadable cheese and lightly salted to accentuate that tart zip a fresh yogurt has.

Clothbound Goat Cheddar

Clothbound Goat Cheddar is made in the traditional English cheddar style with 100% farmstead goat's milk. We love the tart acidity and herbaceous notes of the goat's milk, and the sweet milk aroma. It pairs great with dry cider, hoppy beers, and acidic white wines.