Looking for an easy, photo-worthy appetizer that will wow all your holiday guests? Look no further. This roasted mushrooms on polenta rounds recipe featuring our marinated fromage blanc from A Girl Defloured is a show-stunner! 

"This easy appetizer has an incredible balance of flavors, textures, and colors and would be perfect at your next gathering. Everything is so simple, from the recipe for roasted mushrooms, to utilizing pre-packaged polenta for the crispy polenta rounds. Its earthy rich flavor is perfect for autumn and winter entertaining, and these are great warm or at room temperature." - Alison, A Girl Defloured

mushroom polenta rounds

Photo credit: A Girl Defloured

"I love mushrooms – their earthy + umami flavor is so incredibly satisfying. Though we eat them year round, I do find myself turning to them more often in fall and winter. They have a coziness about them that makes me want to pull on my fuzzy socks." - Alison, A Girl Defloured


  1. Roast the polenta. Preheat the oven to 475 °F and spray a baking sheet with cooking spray. Slice the tube of polenta into 16 even slices and place evenly on the prepared pan. Brush with olive oil and place in the oven. Bake for 10 minutes, flip the slices over and bake for 10 minutes more, or until they are firm and crisp along the edges.
  2. Roast the mushrooms. Tear, slice or quarter the mushrooms into bite sized pieces (I do all three so there is a variety of textures) and scatter evenly over a baking sheet that’s been sprayed with cooking spray. Sprinkle the slivered garlic and herbs evenly over everything and drizzle evenly with the olive oil and wine. Toss everything well. I find that using my hands works well for this. Place in the oven with the polenta and bake for 10-15 minutes, stirring once halfway through. When done the mushrooms will have given off their juices, but still be tender with slightly crisp edges. Take care not to overcrowd the pan.
  3. Assemble the appetizers. Take a polenta round and spread with a tablespoon or so of Marinated Fromage Blanc. Top with a small mound of the roasted mushrooms, minced chives and microgreens. Arrange on a platter and serve immediately. They are good both warm and room temp, though I do lean towards serving them warm. If needed, you can keep them warm on a tray in a 200 °F oven until ready to serve. If you go that route, garnish immediately before serving so the microgreens don’t wilt. Serve with wine, natch.

mushroom polenta rounds

About Marinated Fromage Blanc

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marinated fromage blanc

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