Spring is a beautiful time of year on the farm! Not only is the farm full of baby goats, but the trees are blossoming, fruits are in season and the grass is abundantly green and lush. 

As mentioned in our other blog that dives deeper on all the fruit varietals we grow on the far, we have 300 different kinds of fruit - and counting! Our most predominant crop is the avocado, a California state and Stepladder staff favorite. We have 13 varieties and about 5,000 trees.

One fruit we grow that is unique and interesting is the Rangpur Lime. It's a cross between a Citrus x Limonia or Lemon x Mandarin. Its bright orange appearance makes it look like a tanagrine!

Rangpur Lime tree

The Rangpur Lime tastes bright, acidic, slightly sour with flavors of lemon and lime
It gives the aroma of florals, honeysuckle and lemon. 

One of our favorite ways to use this piece of fruit is in refreshing cocktails and mocktails. 

Rangpur Lime mocktail

"After a long day of work, I love sitting in the backyard with freshly squeezed Rangpur Lime juice in sparkling water," said Michelle, Stepladder Creamery co-owner. "Add a shot of your favorite vodka or gin for an extra pop. A botanical gin goes really well with the floral notes of the fruit - so refreshing and delicious!" 

Michelle also uses the Rangpur Lime in salad dressing, marmalade, cheesecake, baked goods and more!

Rangpur Lime

The Rangpur Lime is available seasonally at select farmer's market locations. Visit the 'Where to Buy' web page to see which market locations carry fruit in addition to our cheeses. 

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