New Goat Testing at the Stepladder Creamery

We're excited to announce our new partnership with the Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) to conduct monthly tests and quality checks on our milking does. We had our first visit from the DHIA earlier this week and were pretty surprised (and impressed) with some of the results.

The DHIA ensures we are following the code of ethics, promotes uniform data collection and quality certification standards checks. Two areas from the variety of DHIA tests we focus on include quantity of milk produced and percentage of fat in milk. In addition to their tiny ears and loving temperament, one thing we love about our LaMancha goats is their wonderful milk. Their milk production is quite high in both volume and butterfat.

Every day, twice a day, for about eight months of lactation from spring to fall, we milk our does at 7am and 4pm. No days off for our goats (or us)! Their milk can have butterfat content between 2.5-4%, often creamier than the standard cows milk! We're in the peak of lactation season with our 59 does and we barely have enough room for all the milk in our bulk tank!

Here's our top 10 list of milking does based on number of pounds produced per day.

Top 10 milking goats

Gabriella Comes in First Place

Gabriella (Gabby) came in first place of all our milking does producing over 17 pounds of milk per day - that's more than two gallons! This is her third lactation year. She's on the smaller side with average sized udders so we were shocked at the test results. Way to go, Gabby!

Gabby snuggling her handler, Sophie

Gabriella is three years old, loud and proud and not afraid to show it. She wants you to know she's here just by yelling. Our group of does know when and where she is by her long, luscious tail waving in the wind, and her piercing voice!

Gabby, our top milking doe

If Gabby was in a parade, she would be the leader! Gabby is strong and independent but also very lovable and cuddly.

Chevre goats milk cheese

Try Our Goats Milk Chèvre

Speaking of goat's milk, have you tried our fresh, seasonal Chèvre yet? Making its way from our milking parlor to your plate in less than one week, this soft, white cheese speaks freshness and is the ultimate representation of spring cheesemaking.

Our Chèvre is made from the first milk of the season and is only available for a limited time. Find Chèvre at farmer's markets throughout California and online. Stock up before it's gone for the year!


  • Jeff Carbine said:

    I never knew that the DHIA ensures we are following the code of ethics, promotes uniform data collection and quality certification standards checks. Now I can sure that the milk is safe all the time. Thank you for the information about DHIA.

    December 15, 2021

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