We're excited to announce our first-ever, very limited, goat's milk yogurt, Goatgurt! 



Stepladder Creamery Farmstead Goatgurt is our take on a smooth, pourable traditional European Style yogurt made with our fresh farmstead goat milk. The yogurt captures the freshness of the milk, along with a subtle but present "goatiness" and that signature yogurt tang.
We love it with honey, on whatever fruit is in peak season (especially berries and stonefruit), in smoothies, on granola, or as a tenderizing marinade for meats. 
goatgurt container
Unlike many other yogurts which are incubated inside their plastic cups, we incubate our yogurt in a stainless steel vat and fill our recyclable plastic containers with cooled yogurt which contains no gums, stabilizers, artificial ingredients or coloring agents.
Goatgurt is only available for a limited time at farmer's markets in California. Since we're down to milking the does once a day, we're limited on the quantity of Goatgurt we can produce. Grab a container or two while you can! We are unable to ship Goatgurt at this time. 
goat's milk yogurt
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