Back by popular demand is Burning Love, our beloved heart-shaped, large format triple crème, but with a fresh twist. Here's an inside look at the February 2024 Cheese Club shipment.

Cheese Club members will enjoy Marinated Fromage Blanc, LumberJack, Cabrillo and the Club-exclusive, Burning Love. 

burning love cheese

Burning Love

This version of Burning Love is a large-format cow's milk triple crème dusted with a blend of Hungarian Sweet Paprika, Sweet Calabrian Chili Powder and Pasilla Negro Chili Powder. It's roughly 2x larger than our year-round, award-winning favorite triple crème, Ragged Point, and made in a heart shaped mold - perfect for Valentine's Day snacking!

Burning Love pairs well with a glass of rosé or a crisp light beer. Try using it in an appetizer liked baked brie or simply spread over a piece of crusty bread.

We generally recommend letting our triple crèmes sit out at room temperature for about 30 minutes before serving in order to fully bring out the robust flavor and creamy texture of the cheese.

Marinated Fromage Blanc

Used like cream cheese, Fromage Blanc is a staple of the French diet. Often referred to as the French answer to yogurt or cream cheese, Fromage Blanc is a cheese made from fresh, soft curds that have been slightly drained of whey. It has the tangy lactic flavor of cow milk without the goaty twang of our fresh Chevre.

Jars of Marinated Fromage Blanc are packed full of locally sourced olive oil, black peppercorns, bay leaf, and a chile alongside our Fromage Blanc cheese. Store jars in the fridge and bring to room temperature for serving so the oil can liquify. It's delicious spread over crusty bread or crackers or even added to pastas. 


LumberJack is our take on an iconic Monterey Jack style semi-hard cheese. Made with fresh cow's milk and aged for at least 60 days in our caves, LumberJack is the perfect everyday eater or melting cheese. For those looking for a milder flavored cheese, LumberJack is your new best friend. It pairs well with light and dark beers, red wine and lemonade.


Cabrillo is our Manchego/Spanish style hard cheese created from a blend of goat's and cow's milk. It's named for the iconic Highway One that runs along the rugged California coastline minutes from our farmstead. Cabrillo is a cheese we make predominantly in the fall as our goats’ production wanes and their milk takes on a stronger character. Wheels of Cabrillo typically age for about six months in our creamery, giving it time to harden and develop delicious tyrosine crystals. 

We suggest serving at room temperature and cutting into wedges for a cheeseboard or even shaved into a salad. It pairs nicely with chilled white wine or bubbles as well as fresh fruit.

Join the Cheese Club

Membership to our Quarterly Cheese Club is the only guaranteed way to try special-release cheeses like Burning Love. For one annual, reoccurring payment, you will receive 4 shipments per year in February, May, August and November.

Each shipment includes 3-4+ cheeses with one being a special or exclusive release offering. We also include crackers and a specialty pairing item only available to Club members. 

Throughout the year, members also get first access to all seasonal and special cheese releases and discounts on farm tours.

Join by Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024, to receive the February shipment featuring Burning Love. 

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