Holiday Farmer's Market Update

Holiday Farmer's Market Update

Dec 23, 2021JACK RUDOLPH

It's not too late to stock up on local fruits, veggies and cheese at farmer's markets throughout California for holiday meal cooking! Here's our most up to date list of markets including what's open, closed and holiday hours. 

Happy shopping!

Region Holiday schedule Market Day
BAY AREA Open Berkeley Tuesday Tuesday
BAY AREA Open Marin Thursday
BAY AREA Closed 12/25 + 1/1 Noe Valley Saturday
BAY AREA Closed 12/25 + 1/1 Sunnyvale Saturday
BAY AREA Closed 12/25 + 1/1 Downtown Berkeley Saturday
BAY AREA Closed 12/25 + 1/1 College of San Mateo Saturday
BAY AREA Closed 12/25 + 1/1 Grandlake Saturday
BAY AREA Closed 12/26 Temescal Sunday
BAY AREA Closed 12/26 Campbell Sunday
BAY AREA Open 12/26 - not attending OSFM Sunday
BAY AREA Open Clement St Sunday
BAY AREA Open Stonestown Sunday
SLO Open Cambria Friday
SLO Closed 12/26 & 1/1 Templeton Saturday
LA Open Culver City Tuesday
LA Open - not attending 12/26 Hollywood Sunday
LA Closed 12/25 & 1/1 Playa Vista (E/O) Saturday
LA Closed 12/25 & 1/2 Costa Mesa (E/O) Saturday
LA Closed 12/26 Mar Vista Sunday
LA Closed 12/28-1/3. 1st market is 1/4 Manhattan Beach Tuesday
LA Open South Pasadena Thursday
LA Closed 12/25 & 1/1 Torrance Saturday
LA Open (12/29 pending) Alta Dena (P/U) Wednesday

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