Our cow's milk soft cheese, Fromage Blanc, is tasty on its own, but is also the perfect base for experimenting with added flavors like the Spicy Fromage Blanc or the Marinated Fromage Blanc.

The Creamery crew had a lot of fun testing and creating unique spice blends for a limited-release offering only available in the November 2021 Cheese Club shipment. Get ready for Curried Fromage Blanc! 

Here’s a fun recipe our friends and Los Angeles farmer's market crew members, Mynor and Cece, came up with featuring Curried Fromage Blanc.

"It’s simple and oh so delicious," said Mynor. "It’s like eating curry chicken without having to make curry chicken. The Curried Fromage Blanc makes it so flavorful and delicious."

Curried Fromage Blanc herbed chicken recipe

The Curried Fromage Blanc features our regular Fromage Blanc cow's milk soft cheese with the Persian Curry Lime seasoning from Oaktown Spice Shop in Oakland, California. 

If you're not able to get your hands on our Curried Fromage Blanc cheese, you can buy the spice blend on the Oaktown website, or create your own version!

The spice blend includes black pepper, turmeric, Omani black lemon, shallots, coriander, mustard powder, fenugreek seed, cumin, ginger, fenugreek leaf, cinnamon, kashmiri chile, cardamom and cloves. 

Herbed chicken with curry cheese

Sign up for the Quarterly Cheese Club and enjoy Curried Fromage Blanc and other exclusive cheese offerings! You can also try and make the cheese at home using your own Curry spice blend!

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