Stevie was born on the ranch on March 3, 2021 and, at under 2 years old, is one of the youngest does in our goat sponsorship program. Stevie is in our music line of does, who are each named after famous singers and songs. Stevie is named after Stevie Nicks and she currently shares the pasture with her sister Gladys (Knight) and Mavis (Staples) and her cousin Martie (Maguire). 

Stevie and Manzanita

Stevie is equal parts sweet and stubborn; she is very affectionate but definitely has a mind of her own and always wants to do things her way. If you are out in the pasture with her, she will certainly come and ask for some scratches and follow you around like a puppy. 

Stevie and other goats

However, she is also the only doe in the herd who absolutely refuses to be led by the collar. While all the other does will happily follow us once we take hold of their collars, Stevie instead plants her feet and refuses to budge no matter where we are leading her. Instead she prefers to be coaxed and will gladly follow us on walks so long as we don’t take hold of her collar. While this is generally not a great characteristic to have in a working doe, she happens to be adorable so she gets away with a lot from her doting handlers. 

Stevie in the pasture

So far Stevie has only had one year as a milking doe but has already proven to be an excellent milker by producing over 1.10  gallons of milk per day, which is amazing for a first year doe! This means that she will likely join some of our best producers in 2023 by producing over a gallon and half of milk per day in her second year milking. 

Stevie posing for the camera

Stevie was paired with our youngest buck, Lilikoi, on October 7th, 2022 and is due to deliver her 2023 offspring on March 5th.  We are hoping she will have at least one daughter we can add to the herd and we will be looking for some good musically themed names when the time comes!

Stevie and her babies


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