Poppy is a very quiet, intelligent, and observant little doe. She was born on the ranch on March 1, 2018, to her dam, Jasmine, and her sire, Coyote. As you may have surmised from the names of both her and her mother, Poppy is a member of our “flower” lineage of does and was named after California’s beautiful state flower.

Poppy the goat

Poppy prefers to avoid conflict and will often wait to be one of the last does up on the stand so she doesn’t have to vie for position in the queue. Poppy tends to be a bit shy and prefers to have human contact on her terms; she enjoys attention as long as she comes to us and not the other way around. Luckily, once we find her favorite itchy spots, she will stay by our side as long as we continue to give her a good scratch. 

She also seems to be a bit of a “foodie” and won’t turn down any new snacks - from acorns and pumpkins to apples and passionfruit leaves, she loves them all!

Poppy looking curiously at the camera

Poppy was paired up with Steve this year and delivered two does on March 29, 2022. Steve has proven time and again that his daughters tend to be our highest producing milkers, so we have had our fingers crossed that one of Poppy’s offspring will be a doe we can add to our milking herd.

If you want to support Poppy and her friends in the herd, sign up here to be her sponsor and get regular updates on this little lady!

Poppy and her babies

(Poppy getting harassed by her newborns from 2021)


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