Dahlia was born on the ranch on February 22, 2018 to our former herd queen, Flower. This makes Dahlia one of our herd princesses!

Dahlia the goat

Herd princesses are does raised by the most dominant doe in the herd, which means they get access to the best feed, the best sleeping spots, and they tend to inherit more dominant personalities. To learn more about our herd hierarchy and our current herd queen, read about Heather here.

Dahlia’s mom, Flower, retired last year and was sold to a loving family, so she is no longer our herd queen. But Dahlia inherited her mothers will, intelligence, and strength. She is a quiet doe who tends to prefer to spend time alone and not squabble with the other does, but she is also a doe that no other can push around. She still gets access to all the best sleeping spots and is among the first to breakfast in the morning. 

Dahlia the goat

As well as being a willful doe, Dahlia also happens to be one of the most intelligent in the herd. She is very friendly to people she knows and trusts, but tends to be a bit dubious of strangers. If someone new is milking her, she seems to immediately sense it and will move around and make their training shift a bit more challenging, almost as if she is testing them. 

Dahlia lounging on hay in the barn

Dahlia is going into her sixth year of milking this year and is due to have her 2024 offspring on March 26th. She is an excellent mother who tend to create beautiful, healthy babies, so we are excited to see what this year holds in store for her!

Dahlia with her babies

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