Carolina is a beautiful young doe who was born on the ranch on February 28, 2021. Her full name is Carolina Reaper and she is named after one of the spiciest peppers in existence, though her sweet and calm demeanor doesn’t fit her namesake. 

Carolina the goat

(Carolina when she was about 3 months old)

She is one of our “spice girls” lineage and is the daughter of Clove, who has since retired but was the herd queen for many years at Stepladder Ranch.

Clove is a beautiful almost pure-black doe who inherited a unique color patterning with little white spots from her sire. Clove then passed along this unique color pattern to her daughter Carolina, who has the same white spotted nose and ears as her mother plus a little extra white throughout her body. 

Clove the goat


(Carolina’s dam, Clove, relaxing in the field. The only white on her body was on the bridge of her nose and her ears)

Carolina is a very mild-mannered young doe who seems to get along with just about every other goat in the herd. She can often be found out in the pasture, cuddled up with a buddy as they enjoy an afternoon nap. 

Carolina and her goat friend

(Carolina relaxing with her friends Lana and Greta)


She also LOVES humans and is always looking for a good scratching. In fact, if you find yourself out in the pasture, it is only a matter of time before you will feel her creep up behind you and lean all her body weight against you in hopes of getting your attention.

She adores being scratched along her spine and will lean against you all day as long as you continue to scratch her. 

Carolina the goat

Luckily for us, Carolina happens to be a great milker and has already produced an average of nearly a gallon a day just in her first year of milking.

This is quite remarkable for a doe as young as her, and by the time she reaches her peak production at about 3 years old she will likely be producing nearly 2 gallons per day. 

Carolina walking

Carolina will likely stay with the herd for many years to come, and this year we are hoping she will have a daughter that we can add to the herd in 2024.

She was paired with Steve on October 8, 2022 and is due to deliver her 2023 offspring on March 6, 2023. If she ends up having a daughter, we will likely keep this little lady and will be looking for fun, spice themed names come September of next year!

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