Have you ever seen goats flirt?!? Well, this little video shows one of our bucks - Smooth Criminal - wooing Regina (the black and white doe aptly named after Regina George from the movie Mean Girls) and Flower (the beautiful tan doe who happens to be our distinguished herd queen).

Earlier this month we kicked off the official start of breeding season on the ranch and our herd is in an uproar as our bachelors flaunt their charm while the does vie for the right to their suave ministrations. We currently have three bucks: Smooth Criminal, Steve, Lilikoi and Lyon.

In the video you can see Smooth Criminal's refined manner in action as he grunts, snorts, kicks, and wags his tongue at the swooning ladies. They in turn can't seem to get enough of his debonair antics and stand in awe with their tails wagging in encouragement (this is called flagging and characterizes a doe in heat).

They especially love his musky odor, which gets much stronger when he is in rut (breeding season) and - luckily for you viewers - cannot be experienced through the video... Only five short months until the buck's hard work will pay off in the form of a profusion of cavorting kids (aka baby goats)!

goats flirting

Lyon is the newest buck to join our Stepladder goat family. He's actually a mini buck, so he's much smaller in size than our other bucks and will only be mating with the younger does this year. When he first arrived on the farm a few months ago, the herd was very curious about him and his new smells!

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