One of our favorite parts of summer is all the fresh fruit grow on the Stepladder farm and locally throughout the Central Coast of California. Everything from nectarines and avocados to strawberries and blueberries - and the recipe ideas are endless. 


Our team loves experimenting in the kitchen and finding new ways to incorporate Stepladder cheeses into recipes. We recently stumbled upon Nicole Leggio's Instagram page called Cooking For Keeps. After spending a ridiculous amount of time scrolling through her feed of mouth-watering dishes, we found an especially eye-catching image of blueberry pie. After clicking on the image to learn more we discovered the recipe calls for, you guessed it, goat cheese!

chevre goat cheese

Chèvre is our version of the popular soft goat's milk cheese. It's delicious, mild and creamy and is the ultimate representation of spring cheesemaking. Making its way from our milking parlor to your plate in less than one week, this soft white cheese speaks freshness. Chèvre is made from the first milk of the season so the "goaty" flavor isn't too robust or overpowering. It's subtle and perfect on a cheeseboard or in recipes like Cooking For Keeps' blueberry pie with basil and goat cheese. 

blueberry pie

Get the recipe on the Cooking for Keeps website and stock up on our spring-summer seasonal Chèvre online and at farmer's markets in California. 

Photo credit in order: Burst; Lori Rice; Cooking for Keeps (plus cover image)

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