Introducing Super Bloom, the February 2023 Cheese Club special-release cheese. 

Super Bloom is a large format cow's milk triple crème, molded into the shape of a heart with edible flowers on top. 

super bloom cheese

We make this cheese using a similar recipe of Ragged Point and our previously made Cheese Club special release cheese, Burning Love. 

The cheese starts life similar to Ragged Point and is hooped into heart shaped molds and salted by hand. It's then aged for 14 days in our cheese cave to develop bloomy, fluffy rinds.

salting triple creme

This cheese has layers of flavor with the bloomy rind having notes of earthy, peppery flavors and chanterelle mushrooms. 

Below the surface is the creamy inside with the center (often referred to as the moon) which has a dimpled appearance and a cheesecake-like texture.

bloomy rind triple cremes

Super Bloom is then toped with a variety of edible flowers including rose, cornflower and marigold petals. The dried flowers give the cheese a beautiful visual appearance but also bring slightly sweet and herbal notes to the cheese finish.

flower petals on cheese

We suggest pairing Super Bloom with a Gose-style beer or sparkling wine. 

It's best served on crusty baguette with a fruit marmalade or baked similarly to a brie-style cheese. We anticipate baked brie to be a trendy appetizer and cheeseboard accessory this year.

The February Cheese Club shipment also includes Moonstone, Marinated Fromage Blanc and LumberJack. This shipment also includes a jar of Stepladder Ranch avocado blossom honey, an ideal item for any cheeseboard and drizzled on Super Bloom or Moonstone.

Learn more about the shipment in this video.

Super Bloom is only available in the February 2023 Cheese Club shipment. If you aren't a member, join by Thursday, Jan. 27 to receive this special shipment. Shipping Monday, Feb. 6, 2023. 

Shipments are shipped quarterly in February, May, August and November. Payment in full upon purchase. Billed on auto-renew annually. 

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