Behind-the-Scenes: Making Burning Love

Behind-the-Scenes: Making Burning Love

Jan 12, 2022JACK RUDOLPH

New year, new cheese! We're excited to announce what's in the February 2022 Cheese Club shipment. 

Burning Love triple creme cheese

This next quarterly shipment includes Paso Vino, Marinated Fromage Blanc, Moonstone and the Club-exclusive, Heart-Shaped Burning Love. This shipment also includes one of our new cheese tasting journals, only available to Cheese Club members!

Burning Love cheese mould

Burning Love is a Valentine's Day spin on our classic Ragged Point triple crème bloomy rind. We originally made this back in 2019 but included it in the February 2021 Cheese Club shipment. It was a huge success so we're excited to bring it back this year.

It's made in a similar fashion to Ragged Point, but moulded into a large heart shape - 2x the size of our normal Ragged Point triple crème to be exact!

The “triple crème” portion Burning Love, similarly to Ragged Point and Big Sur, refers to the fact that these cheeses actually have cream added to the milk supply during the creation process, which is what adds to the rich flavor and creamy texture of the cheese.

Burning Love cheese curd and whey

The term “bloomy rind” refers to the fact that the rind on the outside of the cheese is created by a fungal culture that we add to the milk supply. This culture actually “blooms” on the exterior of the cheese over the 2-3 weeks that the cheese ages in our specially designed bloomy rind aging room. This creates a fluffy white rind that protects the interior creamy paste of the cheese. Pictured below you can see some of this fungal culture beginning to "bloom" around the cheese. 

Burning Love cheese aging

Burning Love is also dusted with a blend of smoked and Hungarian sweet paprika before aging. The paprika blend gives the cheese a distinctive look and adds an extra kick of flavor to the rich, buttery cheese.

Dusting paprika on Burning Love cheese

Burning Love pairs well with a glass of rosé or a crisp light beer. Try using it in an appetizer liked baked brie or simply spread over a piece of crusty bread. 

We generally recommend letting our triple crèmes sit out at room temperature for about 30 minutes before serving in order to fully bring out the robust flavor and creamy texture of the cheese.

Burning Love cut in half

As a reminder, this shipment will be sent out on Monday, Feb. 7, 2022. Not a member? There's still time to join and get this amazing shipment of cheese. 

The order cut-off date to receive this shipment is Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022. Sign up online today. 

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