This year, we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day with no green beer - yes, you heard that right! 

We're classing up the shindig with a specially curated cheeseboard and beer from There Does Not Exist brewery located in San Luis Obispo, California.

beer and cheese pairings

Max Montgomery is the owner and head brewery at There Does Not Exist. He's a friend of Stepladder Creamery owners, Michelle and Jack Rudolph, and has tried our cheese on many occasions.

Between Max and our head cheesemaker Robin, here's a list of delicious beer and cheese pairings for whatever you have planned for St. Paddy's Day. 

There Does Not Exist Beer & Cheese Pairings:

  • MittPils (Pilsner) and Moonstone
  • CAPS (Hazy IPA) and Fresh Fromage Blanc
  • Stellar Fawn (West Coast IPA) and Ragged Point
  • Moonset (Dark Lager) and Cabrillo Reserve
  • Temporal Illusion (Saison) and LumberJack

 beer and cheese

General Beer & Cheese Pairings:

Dry Irish Stout and Rocky Butte
We like to pair our all goat milk gouda Rocky Butte with a Dry Irish Stout. The creamy and tangy paste of this cheese complements the bittersweet dark malts notes of Dry Irish Stouts. And the dry finish of these beers leaves you wanting more Rocky Butte.

Irish Red Ale and Cabrillo Reserve
Irish Reds tend to have a moderately malty toffee-like flavor that is nicely balanced by the acidity and crunch of the tyrosine and calcium lactate crystals in our Cabrillo Reserve. While the butterscotch and caramel notes of the Cabrillo Reserve suits the mild hop bitterness and moderate carbonation of this style of beer.

West Coast Pale Ale and Moonstone
Moonstone is our all cows milk Alpine Style Cheese, has a slightly sweet, rich buttery, herbal flavor that plays nicely with the piny, resinous hop flavors of many West Coast Pale Ales.

Nitro Cream Ale and Paso Vino
Paso Vino’s pairs well with Nitro Cream ales. Paso Vino has tangy lactic flavor and a supple mouthfeel that is well suited for the velvety mouthfeel of this style of beer along with its mild malt and honey sweetness.

IPA and Cabrillo
The nutty, caramel, and sweet toffee notes of Cabrillo go excellent with the high level of hop bitterness in IPA balanced by the restrained malt notes in the beer.

Farmhouse Saison and Ragged Point
Our Irish staff likes how the peppery, creamy notes of the Ragged Point are nicely contrasted by the slightly acidic fruity notes and high carbonation of Farmhouse Saisons.


ragged point and beer

In addition to Stepladder cheeses, we also recommend adding an assortment of cured meats, fresh and dried fruits and crackers for a complete board. 

Create your own assortment of cheese, or shop the Medium and Large Cheese Bundles online. Visit the There Does Not Exist website to learn more about their beers and visit their taproom to stock up. 

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