Bagels and cream cheese is a idillic combination for breakfast around the country (and maybe even the world)! It's definitely one of our favorites, but using Stepladder cheese, of course.

We also recently discovered a local San Luis Obispo county gem that's worth the hype. And they are all gluten free...

bagels and cheese

Our friends at Salty Bagel are based in San Luis Obispo, California and make gluten-free bagels with a variety of flavors and toppings. Yes, you read that correctly, all their bagels are gluten-free, but you'd never know just by the taste. Mike, the owner, has celiac disease and created his own recipe to enjoy the delicious treat without getting sick.

"Have you ever soaked cardboard in water, dipped it in sawdust, then taken a big ol’ bite of it? Because that’s the texture of any given gluten-free bagel you’d get from the supermarket. These aren’t those. Yes, my bagels are 100% gluten free (as is everything I make), but they taste and chew and feel just like the bagel you’d get from your favorite ‘regular’ bagel place. In fact, put it like this: I wouldn’t come right out and call you a liar if you said you could tell one of my bagels from a bagel with gluten, but I’d for sure give you a squinty look that suggests I think you’re lying.? - Mike

salty bagel slo

With the holiday season right around the corner, consider stocking up on bagels and Stepladder cheese, specifically our Fromage Blanc family of cheeses and Big Sur for your family brunch or a simple, easy breakfast idea.

Honestly, all flavors in our Fromage Blanc family including Original (aka plain), Spicy, Marinated and Everything Bagel Seasoning are delicious on bagels. They all are made with cow's milk and have a light and airy consistency perfect for spreading on a toasty bagel. 

Our bloomy rind triple crèmes including Big Sur and Ragged Point would also make for a unique breakfast topping on a bagel. Instead of toasting the bagel first, add a layer of freshly cut Big Sur to the bagel halves and toast in the oven or under a broiler for a creamy treat. 

Mike, from Salty Bagel, has some very strong opinions on bagel and Stepladder cheese pairings. We suggest you listen to his wise words and give these a try!

"You know how in mafia movies the FBI agents have photos pinned to a cork board, and the photos all connect to each other with red strings? Imagine that, but instead of a bunch of guys with nicknames like Vinny the Shark, it’s photos of fancy cheeses and gluten-free bagels.

For example:

  • Yes, there’s a bright line between Marinated Fromage Blanc (‘MFB’ to its friends) and onion bagel. But MFB also connects to salt bagel and slice of heirloom tomato, and onion bagel has an entire separate family with the triple crème sisters.
  • Plain bagel is buddies with Plain Fromage  Blanc, and they both like to associate with Li’l Dill and the lox crew.
  • Spicy Fromage Blanc can’t resist a sesame bagel, but so does Big Sur.
  • Everything bagels are total narcs."

bagel and big sur

Fromage Blanc cheeses and Big Sur are all available online and at select farmer's markets in California. Big Sur is available seasonally so stock up while it lasts. 

Oh, and one more thing from Mike.

"People. PLEASE. For the love of all things good and beautiful and true, if you leave fresh bagels out overnight, by morning they’ll be hard enough to use as hockey pucks.

Slice and freeze your bagels THE SAME DAY YOU GET THEM if you don’t plan to eat them all. You can pop frozen bagels straight into the toaster without even defrosting them first, and they come back like new."

Learn more abut Salty Bagel online and Instagram and consider swapping out the gluten for one of his tasty bites next time you're in the area.

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