August 2024 Cheese Club

August 2024 Cheese Club

Jul 04, 2024JACK RUDOLPH

What's in the Shipment?

Cheese Selection

Rocky Butte Reserve (Cheese Club exclusive!)
To say we are excited about Rocky Butte Reserve is an understatement. We've only aged this cheese to two years a couple of times in the creamery, and our crew was beyond excited with how the cheese turned out. This 100% farmstead goat's milk cheese has been aged for two years, resulting in a rich orange color that we didn't anticipate. It cuts into tyrosine-packed bites that melt in your mouth. We tried a novel technique during the affinage (cheese aging process): alternating between aging the wheels openly in our caves and vacuum sealing them. This allowed the flavors to intensify and mature while maintaining the perfect level of moisture! Assistant cheese maker Harley says, “This is the best cheese we have ever made!” Robin, Ryan, Jack, and Michelle all nodded in awe and agreement when Harley said this!

Ragged Point
Ragged Point is a small format bloomy rind triple crème cow’s milk cheese named after the gateway to Big Sur, just north of our farmstead.

Fromage Blanc
Used like cream cheese, Fromage Blanc is a staple of the French diet. Often referred to as the French answer to yogurt or cream cheese, Fromage Blanc is made from fresh, soft curds that have been slightly drained of whey. It has the tangy lactic flavor of cow milk without the goaty twang of our fresh Chèvre.

Moonstone is a pasteurized, natural rind, hard cow’s milk cheese. Made from a 50/50 blend of Jersey and Holstein milk from a local dairy, it has a rich, buttery, and creamy flavor with a bit of zip at the end. Moonstone has a naturally pale yellow paste and a rind developed with our natural cave flora. The flavor is reminiscent of stone, burnt caramel, and coffee grounds.

Artisan Pairings

Our good friends Sarah and Boo from Lady and Larder (in LA and Carmel Valley) worked with Rustic Bakery to create the cutest box of crackers. We obviously had to support them and use them in our shipments! These crackers are neutral, crunchy, and salty, making them the perfect vehicle for our cheeses.

The artisan pairing this time comes from our friends at Happy Girl Kitchen in Pacific Grove, CA. This is a 2oz jar of jam made from the freshest organic ingredients, and we thought it was perfect on top of a bite of the Rocky Butte Reserve!

Enjoy your exclusive Cheese Club offerings!

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