Stepladder Creamery is excited to be among an elite group of creameries and cheesemakers by receiving 8 awards at the 2023 California State Fair cheese competition.


  • Best of California - Cabrillo Reserve

  • Gold - Spicy Fromage Blanc, Fresh Cultured Cheese with Flavor Added Category

  • Gold - Cabrillo Reserve, Mixed Milk Hard Cheese Category

  • Gold - Ragged Point, Semi-Soft Cheese/White Surface Mold-Brie Category

  • Silver - Fromage Blanc, Cultured Cheese/Fromage Blanc Category

  • Silver - Cabrillo, Mixed Milk/Semi-Hard Cheese Category

  • Silver - LumberJack, Monterey Jack/Semi-Hard Cheese Category

  • Silver - Chèvre, Soft Fresh Cheese, Goat Category 

    Click here to view all 2023 results. This is Stepladder Creamery's first time entering the California State Fair cheese competition. 

    More about the award-winning cheeses:

    Cabrillo Reserve is an extra-aged version of our year-round Spanish-style hard cheese, Cabrillo. It's made with a mix of goat's and cow's milk and aged for at least 12 months. We originally made this cheese for our Cheese Club, before making it a year round addition last year. We really like how the additional aging intensifies the nutty, butterscotch flavors. It’s great to see this cheese recognized by our industry peers.

    Winning a best of California award for our first entries into the State Fair is a huge honor. We are so thrilled to see Cabrillo Reserve receive this level of recognition and it is a great validation for our whole farm and production team. - Jack Rudolph, creamery co-owner

    Spicy Fromage Blanc is a cow's milk soft cheese mixed with Goat Horn Chile and Sambal Oelek chili paste. The spice is balanced by the fresh, creamy flavor of the cheese for a delicious, spreadable snack. 

    We begin with our Fresh Fromage Blanc, blending in South American and Southeast Asian peppers and spices. The spices and peppers add a mild smoky, sweet spice that balances nicely with the fresh, lightly lactic, and creamy flavors of the cheese.

    spicy fromage blanc

    Ragged Point is a small format bloomy rind triple crème made with cow's milk. 

    With as many fantastic bloomy rind cheeses that are produced across the state, it’s very rewarding to see our creamery team honored for all their hard work and dedication to the production of this cheese.

    Fromage Blanc is a cow's milk soft cheese, similar to cream cheese. 

    Without the mild goaty twang of our Chevre, our version of this classic French staple is made from 100% cow’s milk is fresh, lightly lactic, and creamy. 

    Cabrillo is a Spanish-style hard cheese made with a mix of goat's and cow's milk. It has a rich, buttery flavor and aged for at least 6 months. 

    Inspired by the Spanish Manchego, our take is a blend of goat and cow milks. During its five months of affinage the rind and its nutty, butterscotch flavors are developed, becoming stronger with more time.

    lumberjack cheese

    LumberJack is a cow's milk Monterey Jack-style hard cheese. It ages for at least 60 days in our creamery and is the perfect everyday eater or melting cheese. 

    This cheese is inspired by the California Original, Monterey Jack. While it only spends a short time in our cheese cave, our process allows its rind to fully develop and become a reflection of our natural terroir. Lumberjack has a sweet aroma of milk and hay, and a mild sweet-lactic flavor.     

     Entering a cheese in the Monterey Jack category was intimidating for us since it is such an iconic California style. We were thrilled to get a Silver medal here, and it is excellent feedback that we are doing a good job honoring our state's traditions. - Jack Rudolph, creamery co-owner

    Chèvre is a seasonal goat's milk soft cheese. Making its way from our farmstead milking parlor to your plate in less than one week, this soft cheese speaks freshness. Because it's made with the first milk of the season, it's mild in flavor compared to other Chèvre style cheeses.  

    Chèvre is the truest essence of our goats milk. Fresh, lactic, and twangy Chèvre is an acid set cheese, we then hang the fresh curds to drain out whey, before salting and packaging it. From our pastures to your table.

    Other awards:

    Stepladder Creamery received Bronze at the 2018 American Cheese Society awards competition for Ragged Point in the triple crème category and Gold at the 2022 American Cheese Society awards competition for Clothbound Goat Cheddar in the cheddar category. 


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