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5 reasons why... people are buying Stepladder Cheese...
for quality & flavor from passionate craftsmanship.

Making the best cheese on the west coast only comes from doing things the right way. Our small family farm to table cheese only uses the finest ingredients and small batch traditional production.

4.9/5. 9 Years of Happy Customers

“Mouthwatering Cheese”

"The finest goat milk cheeses"

1 - "People Working with Incredible Ingredients, Doing Things the Right Way."

- Curtis Stone (Celebrity Chef)

At the core of our cheesemaking are two essentials: premium ingredients and a meticulous process. We noticed that everytime we made the goats happier, the cheese came out more flavorful. So we made it our mission to make our animals the happiest and carefully pick every single ingredient in the cheese.

Leveraging traditional methods with innovative tweaks, our small batch production allows precise control over every aspect of cheesemaking. This meticulous attention enables us to experiment with distinctive recipes, techniques, and aging processes, crafting unique and complex flavors. We stand firm in our natural practices, removing additives and using low-temperature pasteurization to preserve the natural health benefits and authentic tastes of our cheese.

2 - Unforgettable Flavors

We don't add any preservatives; there's absolutely no hiding flavor. You're just tasting what the goats and cows are producing, and it's just a testament to how incredibly hard our team works to have really high quality milk and happy animals. We keep our cheese pure, adding only a touch of salt for preservation.

Our goats enjoy regular hikes and a natural diet as they roam, feeding on oak, wild sage, and even poison oak, which not only benefits their health but also enriches the flavor profile of our cheeses. With the changing seasons, both the flavor profiles and colors of our cheeses change.

Stepladder Creamery boasts a diverse array of cheeses, embracing a variety of styles and approaches. Our selections includes a spicy Fromage Blanc infused with Goat Horn Chiles from Oaktown Spice Shop, several luxurious triple crème cheeses—one of which, the cow’s milk Ragged Point, has been recognized as a Good Food Award finalist, California State Fair Gold winner, and American Cheese Society winner. Our portfolio also features mixed goat and cow milk styles like aged Manchego, an olive oil marinated fromage blanc, and even a Breton-style salted cultured butter. According to the Jack Rudolphs, our offerings are "California originals and some European riffs on favorites."

3 - Happy Animals = Delicious Cheese

We noticed that everytime we made the goats happier, the cheese came out more flavorful.

Our goats enjoy the finest living conditions imaginable in the scenic wine country of Cambria, CA. They thrive on a historic 150-year-old ranch, grazing freely over five lush acres amid 200+ varieties of subtropical fruits and citrus, and breathing the fresh Pacific air.

We form deep emotional connections with each goat, naming them and assisting in their births. We even have a dedicated herbalist for our animals. Our care extends to taking them on hikes and singing to them during milking. This ensures our animals are not just happy, but also healthy and thriving.

“They are the perfect animals to make the most of that forage and convert it into delicious milk that represents our terroir” - Michelle Rudolph (owner)

4 - Passion for Sustainable Farming

Being a sustainable ranch and creamery is non-negotiable for us. We love where we live and work, and want to keep it just as beautiful as when we got here.

In addition to environmental sustainability, there's a human element of sustainability that's crucial. So we try our best to treat all of our employees with the most respect, give them some level of flexibility which is non-existent in farm work, and also pay them beyond a living wage.

"One aspect of sustainability that’s really important to us is the sustainability of the business for our staff. We try to employ people that are smarter than us and are better at what they do.". - Jack and Michelle

How do we stay sustainable?


A 50KW solar array on the farm produces roughly 90 percent of the energy we use

Water Catchments

We rely on spring water and a large rain catchment refreshed by the annual rain as our main source

Circular Waste-Reduction

We utilize the manure from the goats to fertilize our orchards, and free-roaming Stepladder piggies receive the spent whey from the creamery and get to eat any unsellable harvested fruit and veg.

5 - From Our Family Creamery to Your Family's Table


Stepladder Creamery isn't simply another cheese company—it represents the heartfelt journey of Jack and Michelle Rudolph, who took a huge risk to transition from careers in tech and event planning to pursue a love of cheesemaking that began in the confines of Jack’s apartment.

Their shared enthusiasm for cheesemaking and sustainable agriculture has revitalized Jack's grandfather's 150-year-old historic ranch, turning it into a stronghold for handcrafted quality and environmentally responsible farming.

Jack and Michelle stand for embracing a narrative of love, commitment, and innovation. By treating their goats like family and enhancing the land through increased biodiversity, Jack and Michelle invite you to join a movement where artisanal craftmanship prevails.

More than just cheesemakers, the Rudolphs are profoundly committed to the well-being of their team, their animals, and the support of similar small businesses and makers. Each piece of Stepladder cheese embodies the Rudolphs' unwavering dedication to perfecting their craft.

6 - A Taste of Central California

Nestled in the heart of Central California's wine country

Our cherished Cambria, CA, is more than just a point on the map—it's the secret behind the superior taste and texture of our cheese.

Our local terroir, a perfect symphony of coastal air, untouched lands, and diverse seasons, crafts a flavor profile so unique, it can only be experienced through our cheese.

Our animals thrive in unparalleled living conditions, roaming freely across more than 5 acres of what can only be described as paradise.

Our 150 year old farm is home to over 200 varieties of subtropical fruits and citrus, including passion fruit, dragon fruit, guavas, bananas, and coffee.

These rich flavors deeply infuse every batch of our cheese, giving it unique tastes and textures found nowhere else.

“So creamy and heavenly flavor.”

Sona K.

Verified Reviewer

7 - Award Winning Cheese
Served by 15+ Michelin Star Chefs

Don't just take our word for it—let our achievements speak for themselves. Stepladder Ranch & Creamery produces small batches of artisanal cheeses that have earned multiple accolades from prestigious institutions like the American Cheese Society, Good Food Awards, and the California State Fair. And we are served at DAOU, Atelier Crenn, Maude, Protege, Chez Noir and many more.

Here’s why our customers

Definitely delicious!

For triple crème lovers this cheese is the best! I gifted Big Sur to my cheese monger friend. She had to stop herself from eating the whole thing in one sitting. I’m looking forward to the next release!


Verified Reviewer

Love this company

Great products, tours, service and attention to the details. I’ve tried most of their cheeses and they are all wonderful. Their delivery service is super convenient. Makes a great gift.

Susanne P.

Verified Reviewer


I intended to eat half of it and leave the rest, but I liked it so much chilled just the way it was that I got more crackers and finished it off. Creamy, spreads amazingly, and has a light, inoffensive taste.


Verified Reviewer


A friend of mine who lives in Paso Robles introduced me to this wonderfully delicious cheese from Stepladder. The one we had was "Ragged Point" - so creamy and heavenly flavor. I can't wait to try other cheese they produce.

Sona K.

Verified Reviewer

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