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From Our Family Creamery to Your Family's Table

Our Farm and Creamery Story

Enjoy Central California's Finest Cheese

Welcome to Stepladder Creamery, where artisanal cheese-making meets family tradition and sustainable farming. Nestled in the heart of California's coastal mountains, our creamery is dedicated to crafting healthy unforgettable cheeses that bring the rich flavors of our farm straight to your table.

All Natural Practices

We want you to know where your food is coming from and that it is 100% healthy.

Passionate Founders

Our founders are dedicated to traditional small batch cheese production.

Happy Animals

Our animals are happy and healthy, living in open pastures and oak woodlands

Sustainable Farming

The farm embraces solar power, circular waste reduction & water catchments.

The Stepladder Creamery Difference

Cheese as Nature Intended

Stepladder Creamery's cheese is crafted using traditional, small-batch production methods on a historic 150-year-old farm. Our animals are cherished, living in a pristine environment, grazing on open pasture, ensuring the cheese is pure, flavorful, and crafted with care.

Explore Our Cheese Bundles

Curated selections perfect for any occasion.
California Farmer's Market Bundle
$119.00 USD
California Farmer's Market Bundle
California is known for its happy dairy goats and cows for cheesemaking. We're fortunate to have amazing weather...
Stepladder Cheese Club
$119.00 USD
Stepladder Cheese Club
The quarterly Cheese Club includes... 1.5 Pounds of cheese in 4 flavors 1 Cheese Club exclusive cheese...
Charcuterie Board Cheese Bundle
$65.00 USD
Charcuterie Board Cheese Bundle
This bundle makes an ideal gift or introduction for those new to the Stepladder cheese experience, offering...


Join The Stepladder Cheese Club

Join us for a quarterly cheesy adventure. Every three months, our expert cheese makers curate 1.5 pounds of exceptional farmstead goat's and cow's milk cheeses in four delicious flavors. This includes one Cheese Club exclusive variety and local curated pairings like Stepladder Honey, artisanal jams, and salamis.

Welcome to Wine Country on the Coast

Welcome to Cambria California

A place defined by it's unique terroir, fresh coastal breeze and stunning wine country landscapes. You can taste the difference our land makes in every unforgettable bite. Learn About Our Farm

Award Winning Creamery

As a farmstead creamery, we raise our goats on the farm and make cheese from their milk, which allows us to manage every aspect of our cheese production.

Our goals are to create world class products and to provide a positive and meaningful workplace for our staff, as well as a healthy, sustainable environment for our animals.

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"The finest goat milk cheeses"

“Mouthwatering Cheese”


“Multi-award-winning artisanal cheeses”

Don't Just Listen to Us

Here is what our customers are saying.
EricaDefinitely delicious!

"For triple crème lovers this cheese is the best! I gifted Big Sur to my cheese monger friend. She had to stop herself from eating the whole thing in one sitting. I’m looking forward to the next release!"


"I intended to eat half of it and leave the rest, but I liked it so much chilled just the way it was that I got more crackers and finished it off. Creamy, spreads amazingly, and has a light, inoffensive taste."

Sona K.Love this company

"A friend of mine who lives in Paso Robles introduced me to this wonderfully delicious cheese from Stepladder. The one we had was "Ragged Point" - so creamy and heavenly flavor."

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